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Kleverware - Active Directory Last Logon

Active Directory : how to know the TRUE last connection date

lastLogon vs lastLogonTimestamp Level of knowledge required: beginner In the world of IAG (Identity and Access Governance), the last connection date is an interesting value. …

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Kleverware - CIEM

Identity and access governance in the CIEM era

CIEM ? “Do you mean SIEM? ” This could be the first reaction to this article, because the subject is still relatively new. And yet …

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Active Directory : the hidden information behind the ”User Account Control”

The term “User Account Control” can refer to two mechanisms that are well known to Windows users. The first was introduced with Windows Vista and …

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Implementing Identity and Access Governance

“You do not have the rights to access this file”, behind this simple message lies the result of a central security policy for companies: Identity …

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Customer testimonial : Generali

Each sector of activity has its own business issues and challenges. For 15 years, Kleverware has been putting its expertise at the service of its …

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Company split-up: securing the Information System under high tension

Whether to refocus on its core business following a period of crisis or to meet the requirements of new regulations aimed at deregulating markets, the …

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